Incentifind APIs

Our new APIs make capturing incentives easier than ever by delivering:

  • Comprehensive data for efficient implementation
  • Enhanced cost savings on each project

Integrating our APIs connects your users to 540,000+ ways to save by building green. Our data covers all 50 states and represents over $70 billion in incentive programs. Our database houses incentives from utility companies and every level of government including federal, state, and local.

Our APIs:

  • QUICK Summary - The Snapshot
  • Market Intelligence - Regional Analysis
  • VERIFY API - The Comprehensive Report

QUICK Summary API - Available Now!

QUICK Summary gives a preview of incentive offerings for a project, including the quantity of incentives by category and a soft estimate of potential savings

With the QUICK Summary API, you can:

Assess a property's potential savings from incentives
Compare properties for purchase based on incentive savings
Plan your next renovation or home improvement project
Review incentive landscape before purchasing a VERIFY Report

To generate your Quick Summary, input the following:

  • Property address
  • Asset type
  • Size (sq. ft)
  • Age of building (optional)

Through your QUICK Summary, you will see:

  • The number of available incentives by category
  • Examples of available incentives
  • A soft estimate of cost savings

Quick Summary API Demo

Quick Summary Output

Market Intelligence API - Coming Soon!

Market Intelligence provides a geographic overview of incentive offerings that can be filtered by category and type. The heatmap shows where offerings are strongest and can display results by state, county, city, and zip code.

With the Market Intelligence API, you can:

Search for specific incentive types and categories
Leverage incentive programs to sell products or services
Locate the right markets to reach ESG Goals

VERIFY API - Coming Soon!

VERIFY matches incentives to a project, ensuring eligibility and maximizing savings. This API is an extensive search: It provides details on all eligible incentives and offers streamlined steps for capturing them. The VERIFY API provides everything you need to identify, assess, and capture incentives.

VERIFY API data includes:

  • Incentive name
  • Contact information of incentive provider
  • Scope of the project eligible for incentives
  • Maximum incentive funding amount
  • Timeline
  • Steps for securing the incentive