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As the nation’s only, comprehensively standardized, and searchable database for real estate and home improvement incentives, IncentiFind captures incentives offered by Federal, State, County, City, and Utility (electric, gas, water).

Our incentives are updated throughout the calendar year to provide fast, accurate data to inform your project planning. Whether you are planning a new construction project, an existing building upgrade, or a real estate asset portfolio review, we simplify the search for incentives into:

  1. SEARCH for incentives
  2. VERIFY your eligibility
  3. APPLY to incentives

IncentiFind is used by property owners, real estate developers, property managers, homeowners, builders, architects, engineers, general contractors, sustainability consultants, installers, professional service providers, and many others nationwide. Our mission is to connect property owners to the $10 billion dollars in incentives that goes unclaimed each year.

Commercial Case Studies

Portfolio Review Case Studies

Estimating Timeframe
*For commercial projects, IncentiFind can estimate how much funding you can expect from the incentives you are eligible for. Soft-Estimate uses historic averages and is provided when you do not have finalized specifications and quantities. Hard-Estimate uses your finalized specifications and quantities to determine how much funding you can expect.