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Market Intelligence Dashboard

IncentiFind's Market Intelligence Dashboard provides a geographic overview of incentive offerings across the nation. Incentive offerings often vary by jurisdiction, so it can be difficult to evaluate incentive availability in different locations. Our interactive heatmap displays where incentive offerings are strongest by state, county, and city levels.

Users can filter incentive offerings by:

  • Asset type (commercial, industrial, public)
  • Construction type (new or existing buildings)
  • Equipment type (HVAC, lighting)
  • Technologies (solar, electric vehicle)
  • Incentive type (tax, rebates, grants)

Product Subscription Pricing:

Tier 1: $250/mo for nationwide access + 25 FREE QUICK/BID Summary products
Tier 2: $500/mo for nationwide access + 50 FREE QUICK/BID Summary products
Tier 3: $1,000/mo for nationwide access + 100 FREE QUICK/BID Summary products

QUICK Summary

Quickly determine which incentive offerings are available for a property. Enter a property's address and square footage to receive:

  • All available incentives for a property
  • An incentive breakdown by building system categories and green measures (energy efficiency, water conservation, renewables, and more)
  • An estimate of cost-savings from incentives

QUICK Summary delivers you cost-saving incentive data so that you can create well-funded projects.

$10 per QUICK Summary

BID Summary

Get everything from QUICK Summary formatted for your bids. Insert search results directly into your bids with this product.

IncentiFind is MWBE-certified in all 50 states.

$10 per BID Summary


Generate a comprehensive report for cost-savings from incentive data:

  • Verify your property's eligibility for available incentives
  • Calculate a savings estimate from incentives you are eligible to capture
  • Receive detailed action steps for incentive capture

For commercial construction, we can also connect you to:

  • Apply fulfillment partners for tax-related incentives
  • Our lender network for financing
  • Design and construction professionals

Product Pricing:

Homeowner: $25 annual subscription per home.
Commercial: $500 annual subscription per property.

APPLY Services

APPLY Services are available for non-tax-related programs like rebates, grants, bill credits, and fee waivers.

Streamline your application process and receive:

  • Application fulfillment: We prepare, submit, and track each application for you. Our job is not done until we assess your eligibility and plan next steps.
  • Inspection support: We coordinate inspections with you remotely. Our team never sets foot on your properties.
  • Application updates: You can check the status of your application through the APPLY Dashboard at any time.
  • Incentive expertise: We are experts in incentive capture. We communicate directly with incentive program managers to ensure every step of your application is complete.

APPLY Services is for publicly or privately owned properties in the following categories:

  • Commercial single property
  • Commercial real estate portfolio
  • Residential home builder/single family for rent
  • Service Pricing:

    Pricing is calculated at 30% of the total value for each incentive payout to the beneficiary.