About Our Affiliate Program

IncentiFind Offers a risk-free opportunity to Lenders, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Sustainability Consultants, and Construction and/or Real Estate technology companies to earn recurring commissions while bringing a value-add solution to building owners and tenants. When your contacts purchase our VERIFY Report, revealing potential project savings, IncentiFind shares revenue received from the cost of our report with the affiliate (as shown in the "Earned Sharing" table below).

Further, if your contact uses Incentfind's application fulfillment services (know as our APPLY Services), you will earn a percentage of revenue detailed in the "Earned Sharing" table below.

*United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Members receive discounts on IncentiFind products and services as shown below. Be sure to sign-up (or login) using the email address associated with your USGBC account to reveal your discounts before check-out.

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

  • No formal agreement is required to become an Affiliate, simply register below
  • Our incentives help you sell more products, equipment, appliances, and/or services
  • We track your referrals via your personalized link
  • Track all of your leads from your dashboard
  • Our 3-step process does not disrupt your business as usual
  • Low time commitment for high impact
  • USGBC Corporate/Company Members receive further discounts to our products and services

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Affiliate/Partner Programs

Our "Earned Sharing” program enables you to earn passive revenue when your network finds incentives through IncentiFind. Affiliates can earn revenue on the sale of every VERIFY Report as well as APPLY Services generated from their link. IncentiFind offers three Affiliate Programs (or Tiers) to partners with medium to high volume needs for our VERIFY Reports and/or APPLY Services.

Earned Sharing
Basic Affiliate
USGBC Silver Member Discount*
Green Affiliate
USGBC Gold Member Discount*
Emerald Affiliate
USGBC Platinum Member Discount*
Volume Up to 49
VERIFY Reports
50 to 99
VERIFY Reports
100 and above
VERIFY Reports
VERIFY Reports $150
Affiliate's commission per report
$350 IncentiFind's commission per report
Affiliate's commission per report
$250 IncentiFind's commission per report
Affiliate's commission per report
$150 IncentiFind's commission per report
APPLY Services 5%
Affiliate's commission per (eligible) Incentive
Affiliate's commission per (eligible) Incentive
Affiliate's commission per (eligible) Incentive

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