We are the nation’s go-to database for real-estate and home improvement incentives.

What is IncentiFind?

Whether you are planning a new construction project, an existing building upgrade, or a home improvement project, we simplify the search for incentives into three-easy-steps:

1. SEARCH for incentives

2. VERIFY your eligibility

3. APPLY to incentives

IncentiFind is used by property owners, real estate developers, property managers, homeowners, builders, designers, engineers, professional service providers, and many others nationwide. Every project should start with IncentiFind; it’s quick, easy, and you will receive your SEARCH results in minutes. Sign-up to receive our newsletter for updates.

Use Our 3-Easy-Step-Process

1. Find Incentives

Click “I Have a Project” below. Fill out the survey in order to activate our database. Search for incentives that fit your project.
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2. Verify Your Eligibility

Let us help verify which incentives you are eligible for.
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3. Apply to Incentives

Let us help you apply to the incentives you are eligible for.
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Ready to begin your search for incentives?

To begin your free SEARCH, click “I Have a Project.” You will receive your SEARCH results in minutes. Please Note: if you have not registered with us before, our database will ask you to quickly register. Registering keeps your information safe, organized, and increases the speed at which you receive information for your project.

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