Our Team

Natalie Campos Goodman

Founder, CEO
Houston, Texas

LEED AP O&M, Vanguard Fellow ’17, ULI Young Leader ’17-’18, HBJ Women to Watch ’17, USGBC Gulf Coast Advocacy Lead, Circular Board F16 Cohort, LiftOff Houston Finalist F16,  ULI NEXT ’18, Diversity & Inclusion CF Finalist ’18, Top 10 Female Co-founders ’18, Ameren Accelerator Finalist ’18

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I am a graduate of Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture. I began my career at Johnson Space Center and went on to live and work all over the world, in countries like the United States, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Mainland China. My project experience spans various markets and industries, such as: historic preservation, commercial, disaster recovery, aerospace, healthcare, research, judicial, military, pharmaceutical, and oil & gas. Regardless of location, or the industry I served, the common thread in my work was sustainable design.

As I progressed through both my education, career, and travels, my passion for sustainability grew. When I returned to the USA in mid 2015, I desired to focus on my passion and launched IncentiFind to promote sustainable practices in our built environment. To practice sustainably, is to implement design, construction, and land development methods that are environmentally conscious. The goal is to meet today’s needs without depleting tomorrow’s resources. In other words, being a responsible steward for anything altered in the untouched environment.

With over a decade of experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries, I understand client needs and project budgets. I also am empathetic to the feelings of frustration that can accompany including sustainable practices in a project. I want to help people understand that there is funding available for them, which can be found via our incentives database. I co-founded IncentiFind in order to quickly connect green projects to green incentives. Most importantly, I want people to realize that “going green” is within their reach.

Megan Saunders

Commercial and C-PACE National Account Lead
Houston, Texas

Sustainability Strategist, Urban Planner, USGBC National Location and Planning Committee Member, LEED AP BD+C, ND

I earned my undergraduate degree in Sociology from The College of New Jersey where I focused on the interaction between people and their natural environments, and my master’s degree, in City and Regional Planning, is from the Bloustein School at Rutgers University. The span of my experience is wide: from private industry and non-profit management, to the development and implementation of efficiency-driven strategies, to innovation, wellness, resiliency, and general social responsibility.

Over the last ten years, I have held various roles where I have integrated sustainable practices into buildings, cities, and companies. I assisted NRDC’s Center for Market Innovation with a research project defining markets and business models to scale energy efficiency and clean distributed generation in real estate. I was a sustainability consultant at Vidaris, collaborating on projects that range from interior tenant fit-outs to large scale neighborhood developments and their corresponding certifications. As the founding Executive Director of Stamford 2030, I built the organization from the ground up, cultivating relationships with local building owners and professionals. I also ran training programs to share the best practices in sustainable operations and energy efficiency, and benchmarked the energy use of one quarter of downtown Stamford properties.

Most recently, as the Director of Sustainability at PBK, I created a sustainability practice for a large, national architectural firm which included a roadmap for integrating sustainability into the design process. I also served as a subject matter expert to project teams and staff and managed utility energy incentive administration, securing rebates for clients. My professional experience has allowed me to work in partnership with a variety of stakeholders, including city officials, developers, utilities, and community organizations, and sharpened my ability to build relationships and facilitate technical discussions on a wide range of triple bottom line strategies. Overall, I believe that sustainability, while still considered a niche industry, is available to all and can be achieved with little to no added cost.

Jon Weers

Technology Advisor
Denver, Colorado

Data Scientist, Full-stack Applications Engineer, Cloud Architect, and Web Strategist

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I have always been interested in solving technical problems. As an early adopter of internet technologies, I ran my own web marketing business at the age of fifteen. What started out as custom web development for small enterprises grew into a platform for developing corporate communications strategies. As the internet evolved, I found myself drawn to the public data sector, where I worked to combine publicly accessible data with custom web applications to develop new and exciting solutions to highly technical problems. My second business emerged from an algorithm designed to mash up publicly accessible data, including city and county records, into a custom web application used by realtors and real estate appraisers to perform market analytics and forecasting. I then went on to help the Chicago Public Library revitalize their digital infrastructure and automate the ordering of popular books based on patron demand.

I am a Colorado native and avid outdoorsman, so sustainability and preservation of our natural resources have always been passions of mine. After nearly fifteen years in the corporate tech sector, armed with a desire to make a more meaningful contribution, I went to work at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Over the last eight years, the universal need for proper data management has allowed me to work on a wide variety of projects, including the development and management of several databases of renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives.

I have been internationally recognized for my work as an expert, strategic advisor, and speaker on data management, provenance, and open data. I’ve led hackathons at numerous universities, been a mentor at notable national incubators, and led data management workshops on three different continents. I still love to code. And I have recently developed numerous, high-profile data management solutions for NREL, the U.S. Department of Energy, the White House, and the United Nations.

Anthony Eustachon

Full Stack Developer
Houston, Texas

Full Stack Developer

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Born in the “internet age,” I’ve used and been surrounded my computers nearly my entire life. As a kid, I spent more time on the computer than most people would deem healthy, so it’s only natural that I now spend a large portion of my time on the computer as a developer for IncentiFind. I discovered my passion for coding in my junior year of high school when I was tasked to create a website for a group project using basic HTML and CSS. The roller coaster of emotions I felt when working on the website was something I had never felt before in a school activity and was the driving force for my desire to be a programmer

After graduating from the University of Houston, I began working at IncentiFind as an intern with no intention to convert to a full-time position. However, I became more familiar with the team and the real-life application of my work, I begin to see the importance of sustainability and “going green,” and ultimately decided to join IncentiFind full-time as I had found a company that I not only enjoyed working for, but also a company that I believed was actively working to make the world around me a better place.