FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How should we answer where the incentives come from without giving away what APIs we
are pulling from?
Our database (collects/ pulls/ what is the word here) over xxx,xxx federal, state, county, and
municipal incentives offered to projects that are sustainably-focused are included on a (blank)
basis. To be included, the incentive must promote the triple bottom line: people (social/
equity/ equality), profit (economic development), and planet (environmental). The main types
of incentives recorded are: Tax Rebate, Tax Credit, Grant or Subsidy, Loan or other financial
mechanisms, and other types of incentives.
1. Which incentives are monitored by IncentiFind?
Our database contains federal, state, county, municipal, and utility incentives offered to projects that are sustainably-focused. We update our database on a regular basis.

To be included in our database, incentives must promote our triple bottom line: people (social/equity/equality), profit (economic development), and planet (energy efficiency, water efficiency, renewables, etc.). We engage with private organizations that promote the triple bottom line in their incentives.

The primary types of incentives recorded are: tax rebate, tax credit, grant, subsidy, loan, or other financial mechanisms. The database also includes various other types of incentives.

2. What information is captured?
We collect information about your project from a few sources, principally: our online surveys, additional questionnaires used to determine eligibility, the applications for incentives, the incentives your project is awarded, awarded amount per incentive, awarded amount per project, and customer satisfaction surveys — all of which are collected to improve our services.
3. What type incentives are not included in IncentiFind's database?
We do not include incentives that do NOT promote our triple bottom line. Please see Question #1 for more information.
4. What historical data is available through IncentiFind?
Our focus is on real-time information. As such, we ensure that as new data is released by public and private sectors, our database is updated to reflect these changes. We work with various levels of government in order to keep an updated log of their latest incentive offerings.
5. What regions are covered?
We capture incentive information for the United States of America (all 50 states).
6. Do the incentives tracked have a minimum amount?
We capture incentive information for both residential and commercial projects. Therefore, incentives of all sizes are tracked and are searchable through our database. Please note: if you have not registered with us before, our database will ask you to quickly register.
7. In what format does the data download?
For the most part, our data is posted within a customer’s IncentiFind Profile. However, we can offer other formats (such as APIs) if requested, which can allow customers to conduct their own analysis or search for incentives. Please email your specific needs to info@incentifind.com.
8. Can we customize the data provided in order to make our own reports?
IncentiFind’s database has multiple filter options.

The main filters for our SEARCH functions are:

  • Incentive Name
  • Government (i.e. level of government – Federal, State, County, City, Local, etc.)
  • Private Organization
  • Incentive Type (i.e. Grant, Tax Credit, etc.)

The main filters for our VERIFY functions are:

  • Incentive Name
  • Government (i.e. level of government – Federal, State, County, City, Local, etc.)
  • Private Organization
  • Incentive Type (i.e. Grant, Tax Credit, etc.)
  • Estimated Time to Apply Per Incentive
  • Estimated Funding Per Incentive
  • Next Steps for the Customer

As mentioned in Question #9, IncentiFind can offer an API to access or search our database of incentives. We also offer custom data reporting upon request and agreement. Any of our data used in a bespoke report must be attributed to IncentiFind, Inc.. Please email your specific needs to info@incentifind.com.

9. How do we access the information on IncentiFind?
To access the incentives in our database, you must FIRST fill out our online survey (located on our homepage, click “I Have A Project”). This survey activates the first step in our process, 01 SEARCH. Searching our database is a free service to all projects.

Additional information is accessed by: opting-in to our paid services (Steps 02-04), requesting APIs, or utilizing our Reporting and Analytics services. Please email your specific needs to info@incentifind.com.

10. What types of organizations use IncentiFind.com?
We serve both the public and private sectors.

Public: Regulated and deregulated utility companies, states, local governments, management districts, water systems/utilities entities, and others use our FREE Incentive Intake to add their incentives to our database. We help promote, monitor, and compare their incentives against other government sectors or utilities. Public organizations also take advantage of our Reporting and Analytics function in order to monitor utilization rates and to improve their incentive offerings to market demand and interest.

Private: Real estate developers, building owners, tenants, leasing agents, commercial real estate brokers, homeowners, property managers, professional service providers (architects, engineers, general contractors), lending institutions, private organizations (such as specific districts or other organizations with incentives that promote our triple bottom line), and the list keeps growing. Private organizations usually use our services one of two ways: Project Consulting or Subscription Services.

11. Are there any other products that IncentiFind offers?
Yes, we also offer API monthly subscriptions that allow customers access to search our database of incentives more comprehensively.

Contact us at info@incentifind.com to learn more about this service.

12. Which steps in your 4-Step-Process have an associated fee?
IncentiFind provides two primary services which have an associated fee: Project Consulting and Subscription Services.


STEP 01 SEARCH: This steps is entirely FREE to anyone who submits their full response to our online survey.

STEP 02 VERIFY: This step has two options for a fee.

          A. VERIFY Residential Report: This service is for residential projects only and is assessed a flat fee per project (or per home).

          B. VERIFY Commercial Report: This service is a flat fee for commercial projects per project (or per building).

STEP 03 APPLY: This step is only accessed when when customers opt-in for step 02 VERIFY, and is assessed an hourly fee per incentive.

STEP 04 LOCATE: This step is only accessed when customers opt-in for the 02 VERIFY, and is included in the fee associated with that option.


Contact us at info@incentifind.com to request a quote.