About Us

Our core mission is equal accessibility of incentives, in order to promote the implementation of sustainable practices in our built environment.
IncentiFind is the nation’s go-to database for green incentives. We help people connect with incentives so they can “go green” with their projects.

The government acknowledges that our built environment must serve us more productively as we head through the 21st century and beyond. In order to expedite the necessary changes, the government contributes millions of dollars to incentivize green building. So why don’t more people take advantage of these green incentives? Well, information about these incentives is spread out over several websites, or not posted online at all. Also, many people don’t understand which incentives they are eligible for, so they simply don’t apply. And those who do attempt to apply learn that simultaneously applying for one — or multiple — incentives is quite difficult.

IncentiFind makes connecting to, and capturing, incentives easy through our 4-Step-Process:

Step 01 SEARCH: We identify incentives for your project using our comprehensive database (free service)
Step 02 VERIFY: We assist you in verifying your eligibility for incentives (for-fee service)
Step 03 APPLY: We assist you in applying for incentives using our application portal (included when you opt-in at Step 02 VERIFY)
Step 04 LOCATE: We locate and connect you to the right professionals for your project (included when you opt-in at Step 02 VERIFY)

IncentiFind effortlessly connects you with green incentives for your project. We currently serve building owners, real estate developers, property managers, homeowners, builders, designers, engineers, professional and technical service providers, and many others nationwide.

We have a comprehensive database of green incentives, and we are the first database + application portal of its kind.